About the NLRN

Reproducibility is a central tenet of science: To produce a reliable scientific body of knowledge, researchers must be able to trace the steps of each other’s work and verify that they yield the claimed results, or to explore why they don’t. 

The NLRN facilitates initiatives that foster reproducible and transparent research in all scholarly disciplines in the Netherlands. Our two main goals are to 1) promote the large-scale implementation of transparent and reproducible workflows and 2) assist the exchange and further development of innovations in research on reproducibility. 

We do so by:

  • Providing advice to research institutions, local networks and external stakeholders
  • Curating and disseminating training materials on reproducible research, such as best-practices collections and [online] seminars on cutting-edge tools and procedures
  • Organizing research symposia and providing a communication platform for scholars conducting research on reproducibility
  • Coordinating efforts across the network

As a network, the NLRN connects three stakeholder groups: peer-led (grassroots) local communities, research institutions, and external stakeholders. In promoting transparent and reproducible research and facilitating exchange between these groups, the NLRN draws on a rich landscape of open-science and research-integrity initiatives across the Netherlands

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