Below you can find primers on various topics in reproducibility. Each primer includes an overview of the topic in the introductory “What?” section, reasons for undertaking these practices in the “Why?” section, followed by a longer “How?” section that provides guidance on how to do that open research behavior practically.

Throughout the primers, there are embedded explanatory weblinks, and at the end of each is a collated list of links to useful further resources.

The primers are licensed under Creative Commons license CC BY 3.0. You can link to, quote, share, and adapt the primers freely.

For an introduction to the primer-series, see here:

Checklist for an open research action plan (UKRN)

Data sharing (UKRN)

Open access (UKRN)

Open code and software (UKRN)

Preprints (UKRN)

Prergistration and preregistered reports (UKRN)

Rights retention (UKRN)