Institutional members

Institutional members are research-performing organizations located within the Netherlands. These include universities, university medical centers, universities of applied sciences and other research organizations such as the National Institute for Public Health and Environment. Every institutional member has a dedicated point of contact, a so-called institutional lead, responsible for communication with the Steering Group and other partners in the network.  This communication is bidirectional: on the one side, the institutional lead expresses the needs to, and shares best practices with, the network. On the other side, the institutional lead benefits from the insights and knowledge generated by the reproducibility network and brings them to the local institution. 

In June 2023, the University of Groningen became the first institutional member of NLRN. In November 2023, we welcomed the eScience Center as institutional memeber.

In addition, NLRN is currently endorsed by the Open Science Programs of Utrecht University and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.  

Institutional Member:

Institutional Lead:

Ana Ranitovic is Chief of Open Science. She has a PhD in Anthropology from Oxford University, and extensive experience with research impact analytics and assessment policy reform. 

Maaike de Jong is Open Science Policy Advisor. She has a background in evolutionary ecology and is the project lead for the Research Software directory.

NLRN is endorsed by the Open Science Programs of the following institutions: